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About Prestige Pet Care

Hey there, pet-loving pals! Welcome to Prestige Pet Care, your go-to team of expert-level dog walkers, pet sitters and caregivers in San Diego. We're not just your average pet caretakers – we're your four-legged family's new best friends. With unmatched expertise and a true dedication to keeping animals happy, healthy and safe, we're here to make tails wag and hearts purr. Let's embark on this furry adventure together!

Meet your amazing pet care team!



As the Founder and President of Prestige Pet Care, Erika is on a mission to make dogs, cats, and their families smile throughout San Diego. She is dedicated to delivering personalized care, whether it's through a quick dog walk, overnight pet sit or a full-day adventure for your fur baby.


Erika has been a Senior Trainer with San Diego Pet Training on campus at the world renowned Helen Woodward Animal Center for over 15 years. She has personally trained hundreds of staff and technicians in safe handling protocol for animals, many of which have behavioral issues ranging from fear and apprehension to dog and people aggression. Her job has been to enrich the lives of thousand of shelter animals over the years in order to help them find their forever home or to help clients dogs in the boarding facility on campus excel in their existing home. Over the years Erika has had the honor to assist with training dogs for celebrities such as Diane Keaton and Gene Wilder.


Erika is a lifelong pet guardian with a deep devotion for Siberian Huskies (she had four adopted huskies at one time!) and currently is a proud mom to two Siberian Huskies, both rescues from Helen Woodward. Erika has a background working with both children and adults with developmental disabilities and has extensive training in behavior modification with non-verbal populations. 


Lauren has been working with dogs for almost 15 years. She started volunteering at her local animal shelter in 2008 as a high schooler. Before that, she cared for her family dog and pet sat for friends and family. Lauren currently volunteers three days a week at The Helen Woodward Animal Center helping to care for the dogs of the adoptions department by walking and helping to socialize them. She assists with intakes, helps with baths, and is always willing to help with any additional tasks. Offsite she frequently brings home dogs to foster in her home. Lauren has also fostered with the Mighty Mutts rescue in NYC, where she lived for 6 years. Lauren has worked with dogs with varying behavioral and health issues and never feels more rewarded than when she’s played a small part in rehabilitating a dog. When she’s not at the shelter, she can be found at The Native School where she works as a teacher.



Jenny has been a lifelong animal lover and has cared for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small animals since she was very young. She is the Senior Animal Care Supervisor at Helen Woodward Animal Center where she works training staff how to properly clean, exercise, and care for homeless animals, along with finding the right match for adoptable animals and their new families. She provides care by providing enrichment and taking the time to understand each dog's behavior and personality in order to assist with finding their forever families.

Jenny is a newly certified dog trainer, and continues to hone her skills in order to assist families with keeping animals in their homes, rather than in shelters or on the streets. She has been trained by Code 3 Associates and is a part of the animal disaster response team. She has also been a reliable pet & house sitter for over two years.


Her passion for animals runs deep and is something she keeps close to her as she continues to learn and grow in order to best serve the amazing animals and the people who love them.


Kat has been passionate about animals of all species for as long as she can remember. She grew up caring for her family “zoo” of dogs (a black lab, pug, husky, chihuahua, and Rottweiler – all rescues and many at the same time!), cats, rodents, reptiles, and other small animals. She rode horses all throughout her childhood and eventually began working at her barn where some of her duties included caring for the horses, goats, and chickens. She has also been a trusted dog walker, house, and pet sitter for over six years with experience caring for puppies and kittens to senior and disabled animals, and up to 22 pets in one home at a time!


Kat currently works as the Volunteer and Animal Care Specialist at Helen Woodward Animal Center, where she provides daily TLC to sheltered dogs and cats. She sees each animal as a unique individual and takes the time to empathize with them and their stories to better understand their different personalities and needs. Kat is dedicated to ensuring that all animals thrive under her care, whether it be homeless pets waiting to find their forever home, or owned pets who are missing their families while they’re away.

Why choose Prestige Pet Care?

Experience matters when it comes to your pet's health and safety! From sudden encounters with off-leash dogs to potential emergencies, our 15 years of dog training expertise ensures we handle any situation with confidence. Your companion deserves the best care, and hiring us means entrusting their well-being to a professional who can expertly navigate unexpected challenges, ensuring every walk or visit is safe and enjoyable.

  • Licensed, insured & bonded

  • Erika is certified in pet first aid & CPR 

  • 15 years background in dog walking, training & behavior

  • Experience with multiple breeds & personalities

  • Trained at the renowned Helen Woodward Animal Center

  • Reliable & trustworthy service

  • Over 1,000 happy clients!

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